Energy Performance Certificates - Download certificate data

These guides provide help with using DLUHC's Open EPC Data site. To browse all of DLUHC's linked open data, visit

To download EPC or DEC data, first sign in.

Download all certificate data

When you first log in, you are given the option to download all the results for Domestic EPCs by selecting the button near the top right of the page:

This is a very large file however, so at this point we probably want to filter down our search results. See the Search and Browse guides for more on this.

To download Non-Domestic EPCs or DECs, go to the toolbar at the top and press the appropriate button.

This takes you to a list of results and, again, download all results in a zip or filter results further using the search toolbar on the right

If you unzip the download you'll find it contains 3 files:

  • A CSV (comma separated values) file of certificate data
  • A CSV of recommendation data (which you can relate to the certificates via the LMK_KEY column).
  • A text file containing licensing information.

Download all results for a local authority:

If you filter your results to only those for a single local authority using the sidebar, the download button at the top of the page will offer you a download of all certificate data for that authority. The download contains 3 files in the same format as above.

Download certificate data for a custom set of filters

If you filter your results with a custom search (for anything other than a single authority), the download button will offer you a download of the first 5000 results (reverse chronologically) matching your criteria. Or if your search returns less than 5000 certificates, then you can download all matches (in the same format as above). There is a limit of 5,000 results to prevent overloading the database. For more than 5,000 results, it is more efficient to use the bulk downloads available at Local Authority level.

Download data for an individual certificate

To download an individual certificate, select the row from the search results (for the building of interest) and then press the blue download button at the top of the result page. Just like the bulk results, the resulting zip file contains 3 files with data on certificates, their recommendations and licence information.

  1. To download EPC or DEC data we first sign in
  2. Go to the toolbar to select the type of data we want to download: domestic EPC, non-domestic EPC or DEC
  3. You can download all results in a zip file or narrow down the results further using the toolbar on the right, and you can download filtered results.
  4. To download an individual EPC/DEC, we select the certificate you're interested in from the results and then select the blue download button at the top of that results page.