Energy Performance Certificates - View data for an individual certificate

These guides provide help with using DLUHC's Open EPC Data site. To browse all of DLUHC's linked open data, visit

This guide is about how to view data related to the energy efficiency of an individual building, including whether a building could cost less money to run and what the recommendations for improvement are.

To view EPC or DEC data, first sign in. The How to search and How to browse guides discuss how to find data on the site.

When we have our list of search results, select the property of interest:

After a search result is selected, you can view a detailed EPC (or DEC) for that address (on the date shown).

Each certificate search result has

  • a familiar chart at the top of the page
  • a tabular view of environmental data broken down by certificate details and location. This data is wide ranging and includes: energy impact, energy consumption, co2 emissions, lighting, heating, hot water, energy data related to floors, walls, windows, the roof, data about solar water and wind turbine count.

To find recommendations, or historical data for the property, go to the foot of the page where they are detailed:

To view different results, we can go to the search toolbar at the right of the screen and change the search criteria.


  1. To view a single result, select it from the list of search results.
  2. This takes us to page with a chart and a tabular view of a wide range of environmental data.
  3. Go to the foot of the page for historical data relating to the property and recommendations.