How to Find Datasets by Theme

DLUHC Open Data offers a variety of ways to find data. This guide describes how to find an individual dataset by browsing by theme. Other guides are available for working with data in a dataset once you've found one you're interested in.

Datasets are grouped into themes according to the topic of the data. (In some cases, themes can have sub-themes, like the typical folder structure of files in a computer). To browse the data by theme, go to the data tab in the toolbar at the top of the homepage, and click explore.

Select explore ‘By theme’. This will take you to the following page, which lists collections of datasets by theme:

As an example walk through, we’re finding data on homelessness acceptance by ethnicity, so select the homelessness theme here:

At this point, we’ve found the dataset we want. Homelessness acceptances, England, District by ethnicity is the first result here. Click on the link to view the dataset:Summary

  1. To browse the data by area, go to the Explore tab in the toolbar at the top of the homepage and select By theme.
  2. We select the theme we’re interested in.
  3. We have a list of datasets which are ordered alphabetically. Select Load More Rows to expand the list.
  4. Select the dataset of interest.

To continue exploring our datasets, return to