How to Search for Datasets by Keyword

DLUHC Open Data offers a variety of ways to find data. This guide describes how to find an individual dataset by searching for keywords. Other guides are available for working with data in a dataset once you've found one you're interested in.

Searching by keyword

Whether you want to view data in a spreadsheet-style view, download it, or find a specific data observation, you first need to find a dataset (a collection of related data) first. The quickest way to get to it is by using a keyword search.

The home page on the site has a search box that you can use to find datasets:

Alternatively, choose the data tab from anywhere else, and hover over "Search" to show a search box. Enter keywords here to search for datasets with matching titles or descriptions. 

In this example we’ll search for data about homelessness.

When you search for a keyword, it takes us to a list of related datasets. The list of search results is in order of relevance:

In our example, we’re searching for the number of households accepted as homeless across different authorities and all ethnicities. So click on the link to navigate to the Homelessness Acceptances England, District by Ethnicity dataset.

  1. Go to the toolbar at the top of the homepage and hover over the search tab. This will take us to a search box.
  2. Enter a keyword, place name or GSS code.
  3. You get a list of related datasets, in order of relevance. Click on the link to view the dataset you're interested in.

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