Understanding Slice Pages

This guide describes how to understand the slice pages on DLUHC Open Data e.g: this slice of a council tax dataset.

Slice pages show a subset of a data cube dataset. If there are only 2 free dimensions, then a spreadsheet view will be shown.

Data tab

If you've got more than 2 free dimensions you'll just see the summary of the locked and free dimensions.

On a spreadsheet view of a slice, the data will show you the actual data. From here, we can browse tabulated views of the data, drill into individual observations, and get to simple visualisations.

We can also change the specific dimensions that have been used to generate the view, and also download the data, either the selected slice, or the entire dataset.

About tab

The about tab contains metadata about the dataset that this slice is from.

API tab

The API tab for the data cube view shows the underlying URIs of the dimensions, which dimensions are locked, and other information relevant to developers and others who might want to access the data programmatically e.g. via SPARQL.

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