Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) Tools: Lookup by Local Authority Area

DLUHC Open Data offers a variety of ways to find data. There are two additional tools for the Indices of Multiple Deprivation:

  • The IMD by Authority Area lookup tool
  • The IMD by Postcode lookup tool

This guide walks through the Area Lookup tool. For Postcodes, see this guide.

First, go to the tool's web page: This is linked from the DLUHC Open Data home page.

At this point, we can view an alphabetically organised list of counties and, below that, a list of local authority districts, making it possible to browse by differently sized areas.

The next step is to select the area you're interested in. In this example, let’s choose Manchester from the list of local authorities:

After selecting our area of choice, you'll be taken to a page of available results for that area. At this point you can choose to view:

  • individual deprivation indicators (such as income, employment of crime)
  • the index of multiple deprivation for our selected area
  • the income deprivation affecting children index (IDACI)
  • the income deprivation affecting older people index (IDAOPI)
  • all indices

After you’ve selected the criteria you want, you have the option to download our results in CSV or Excel format. Choose the appropriate radio button and press the Download button.

  1. Go to:
  2. Select the county or local authority of interest
  3. Select the deprivation type, index or all indices option wanted
  4. Download the data in either csv or Excel, depending on what you’d prefer to work with

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