Understanding Area Pages (Archived Content)


Many of the pages on OpenDataCommunities are arranged into tabbed sections. This guide describes how to understand the area pages on OpenDataCommunities. e.g: England

Geography tab

Where applicable, this tab shows a map of the selected reference area, as well as details of all the areas that are associated with. For example, England shows this:

Which you can view here: http://opendatacommunities.org/doc/geography/administration/ctry/E92000001

This tab can be used to understand the context of an area, or navigate to other geographical areas associated with it.

Data tab

For a geographical area, the Data tab shows some high-level statistics for that area, and also lists all the datasets that have values that correspond to that area.

Downloads tab

This tab lets us download the generalised (ie simplified, to make the file size smaller) boundary file for the area in GEOJSON format, and the high-level statistics from the Data tab. Note that boundary files and statistics don’t necessarily exist for every reference area on OpenDataCommunities.

API tab

This tab contains the full set of details we hold about the resource and shows the way the data is structured in the underlying database. This tab is particularly useful if we want to write SPARQL queries to extract highly customised data from OpenDataCommunities, or make use of R or other packages such as Tableau, Power BI, SPSS, SASS etc where we want to automate data extraction and analysis.

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